Crystal Spring Hog Equipment

Over 35 years ago, a farmer embarked on a journey to make a difference in the pork industry.  Through hard work, the support of community, a few bold ideas and countless patent applications, the impact of Crystal Spring Hog Industry on the pork industry is undeniable.

Partnerships with people around the world who share this passion have created a legacy of innovative solutions, friendship and global change.  These founding principles fuel the future of Crystal Spring Hog Equipment.

Innovative, Industry-Changing Solutions

2011  |  Water-Space™: Bringing wet/dry feeding to weaned pigs

2003  |  EZ Adjust: Quick fine-tooth adjustment

1995  |  Wean/Finish feeders with adjustable shelf and nipple guard

1990  |  Solid dividers reduce competition

1985  |  Pioneered the Wet/Dry shelf feeder

Wet/Dry Feeder | Original: more gain, less waste

Water-Space™ | Wet/dry feed for weaned pigs

Two-Stage Feed Shelf  |  Easier access for small nursery pigs

Freedom Stall | Free access gestation:  Simple choice of community

Sow Lift | Safety for baby pigs, comfort for mom 

Legacy Video