Founded on Innovation and an Entrepreneurial Spirit


It’s important to us that we’re providing quality products and doing our part to work with integrity. This means a high ethical standard in how we source materials as well as making it reasonably affordable for our clients to feed the world in an honest manner.


We like that we work for a community as a whole. It allows us to include input from everyone, including our customers. We see food as a way to bring our global neighbors together.

Fair Manufacturing

We take extra care in doing our best to make sure we know where as much of our materials are coming from as possible. Our values of community, hard work, faith and family impact everything we create.

Something New from Crystal Spring

Our passion for feeding families across the globe doesn’t end with revolutionary pork production products. The CSHE team is also the force behind the brand new Black Earth HYBRID: the only product on the market that combines the traditional propane grill and wood smoker into one system. For more information on how we aim to bring families together one meal at a time, please visit us here.