Faroex Polygrate Challenger™ 40 x 60



For farrowing

Unique “High-Low” finger design

Superior traction

Traction leads to less stress and injury to pigs

Better feed gains and healthier animals

Unlike all-plastic grating, Polygrate’s high strength, fibreglass reinforced plastic composite eliminates sagging between beams due to creep and reduces surface wear.

Modular 15.75″ x 23.75 ” (40cm x 60cm) grates are designed to interlock, allowing you to build a floor of any size

Polygrate Challenger’s rounded corners minimize injuries. The edges are bevelled providing a smoother, safer surface that promotes comfort.

An ideal combination of 3/8″” (9 mm) void and 3/8” (9 mm) wear surface allows for thorough cleaning, long life, and maximum return on your investment.

The only true farrowing floor designed to be used throughout the entire farrowing crate, no need for unsanitary steel or cast iron.

Polygrate’s unique “High-Low” finger design provides outstanding traction for pigs for all sizes, while enhancing safety and comfort. Improved traction leads to less stress and injury to pigs. This all adds up to better feed gains and healthier animals.

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