Wet/Dry Sow Feeders

Increase daily feed intake while minimizing wastage.

Allows sows to choose between eating dry feed or mixing feed with water.

Nipple placed low in feeder provides ample water with minimal wastage or accumulation.

Adjustment slide feature controls feed flow and repeatability for individual sow’s needs.

Sows return to estrus in 9% faster days, allowing for faster breed back and more litters per year.

Increased weight gain and pre-wean survival rate for litters.

Open back and alley access for easy cleaning.

Works with most standard crate models and manufacturers.

Comfort Sow Feeder

Low-lip feed pan and hopper-gate provide extra length and square footage to farrowing crate.

Provides comfortable space for sow to rest her head while lying down.

Provides small pigs easy access to feed and water for heavier weanlings and better gain.

Hopper is built into the gate panel, increasing aisle width by 8”.

Wet/Dry feeding design allows sow to mix feed and water to her own tastes, increasing feed consumption by up to 1.5 lbs per day.

Designed for easy cleaning.

Freedom Stall | Free Access Gestation

Sows have freedom to choose privacy or community.

Positive lock prevents other sows from opening rear gate.

Simple, intuitive design requires no training for the sows.

Managers can lock an entire row for sorting, pregnancy checking and breeding.

Each stall can be locked from the front or the back for individual feed management.

Patented feed trough design eliminates front leg and anchor system, reducing equipment cost and labor.

Simple, balanced, and low-maintenance locking mechanism with noise-reducing bumpers.

Front alley can be replaced with raised walkway providing more space for retrofits.

Sow Lift

Prevents crushed pigs by elevating the sow while standing.

A pedal-triggered air lift system raises the sow to 10″ above creep area when she stands up.

Increases operational efficiency.

Field experience demonstrates an increase in production of 7%, or 1.5 pigs per sow per year.

Works in new or retrofit operations.

Pneumatic, low-profile scissor lift for minimum pit interference.

Hot dip galvanized for external and internal coating.

Easily replaceable plastic bushings, valves and switches.

Farrowing Crates

Heavy, 1” steel square tubing; hot dip galvanized for external and internal coating.

Innovative single-handed, pig-proof latch.

Patented cast-iron 1” raised sow deck keeps sow comfortable and protects piglets.

Back gate guard helps protect piglets and sows; door opens right or left.

Plastic-coated Tenderfoot® or Jimdi Surestep plastic flooring provides an easy-to-clean “warm” area.

Optional adjustable bottom bar accommodates both small gilts and large sows.

304-series stainless steel wet/dry or dry feeders.

Standard sizes or customized layouts available.